Lake Forest Garden Club 2017-2018 Grant Guidelines

The Lake Forest Garden Club (LFGC) is dedicated to the advancement of gardening, the promotion of horticultural knowledge, and the stimulation of community interest in conservation and civic improvement. The Lake Forest Garden Club has a long history of supporting community initiatives, educational programs and projects with the proceeds from the Club’s fundraising activities. Through our community grant-making, the Club strives to partner with and support area organizations that have a similar purpose.

In general, the Lake Forest Garden Club supports a variety of projects and evaluates requests and eligibility of grant recipients that fall within the following guidelines:

Organizations that serve the following geographic areas, in priority order: 

  • Lake Forest and Lake Bluff
  • Lake County, Illinois, and,
  • The greater Chicago area

The Club prefers to fund projects and organizations that are accessible to the public, including:

  • Environmental education programs
  • Conservation programs
  • Restoration of historic gardens and landscapes
  • Design services and/or planting materials for local public garden projects

Single year projects or programs are preferred.

·Programs and projects that have strong, documented partnerships with other community organizations currently in place are encouraged.

Careful consideration is given to multi-year commitments so as to avoid financially encumbering future Boards.

The Club prefers to support projects where its funding will make a significant impact on the proposed project.

The Club does not provide funding for:

  • General operations or salaries
  • Marketing or promotional requests, the production of collateral materials
  • Event sponsorship of any kind
  • Seed money or start-up programs

Grant applications are due on time. Late submissions will not be accepted during that calendar year.


Application: If you believe your nonprofit organization program aligns with the Lake Forest Garden Club mission and guidelines, please prepare and submit an application, consisting of:

  1. Letter of Inquiry (LOI) or Cover Letter
  2. Lake Forest Garden Club Grant Request Form (please find form on
  3. Detailed financial information, as specified on the Grant Request Form
  4. Supporting documentation and materials

Due Date: Grant applications and supporting documentation are due to the Treasurer, Lake Forest Garden Club by 5:00 p.m. on October 1, 2017.  Incomplete Grant Requests or requests submitted after October 1 will not be accepted or considered during that calendar year.

Applications containing all of the above may be mailed or emailed:

The Lake Forest Garden Club                         e-mail:
Attention: Treasurer
P.O. Box 497
Lake Forest, IL 60045

Review Timeline: Requests will be reviewed by the Club’s Grant Committee, and voted on by the Lake Forest Garden Club Board of Directors at its November meeting.  If approved, funds will be awarded before the calendar year end.

Thank you for your request to The Lake Forest Garden Club and your work to advance gardening, the promotion of horticultural knowledge, and the stimulation of community interest in conservation and civic improvement.

Grant Request Form